In-Person Services


Tired of peeking into your closet? Wearing the same outfit since 2020?
Then it’s time to reevaluate and upgrade.
Create an online mood board of what outfits you’d love to wear with Sharon’s guidance and then turn that dream board into a comfortable reality.
Get excited to dress yourself again, we live once, let’s live fashionably with confidence. 


Come shop Sharon's extensive private collection of high-end, repurposed luxury pieces at her location.

A number of items are hand-dyed, new, or one of a kind.

Sizes range from 0-6 and are priced between $20 - $50.


We understand how difficult it is to lose a loved one, which is why Sharon has developed this service. 
She will help you decide what
clothing and items you keep or give away when a dear one has passed. 
She will bag up clothing and accessories and drive them to the proper donation service or repurpose select specialty items.
Together we can design a plan for the new extra space. Sharon will offer ongoing support to make the entire process as stress-free as possible, we can do it in one day or over many sessions.


Make closet chaos a thing of the past! Spend half a day with Sharon
tidying up your wardrobe.  Sharon will travel to your house or storage in the Door Co. / Green Bay, WI area
to help you sort through your clothes or house things piece by piece.
Experience the ease of a curated closet that works for your lifestyle
plus you'll have the satisfaction of feeling organized and fresh!


Wear everything in your closet (no more returns?!) with comfort and ease and and end the era of self doubt. Experience something special when you go shopping with Sharon.
You’ll walk out into the world looking a cut above the rest with the personalized curation of best-for-you items in whichever store of your choosing, online or in store.
Sharon will help decide the store(s) she thinks are best for you in your area with a little research!


Make a fabulous statement with the perfect outfit.
Whether you´re going to a wedding, vacationing with friends or want to wow at a romantic date night, Sharon will help you pick out the perfect outfit to make you turn heads (because why not!).
Many times clients don´t know how to dress for things they get invited to i.e. a Kentucky black tie wedding when coming from small town Wisconsin. 
Sharon has got you covered!


In today's world we all use Zoom for personal or business reasons. How your
space looks will directly affect how the person speaking to you feels.
For example, I would suggest a water fountain and natural plants with
green and blue hues for the walls to give a calming and trusting affect as this is important for high stakes conversations. It’s important to look professional, focused, organized, artsy or clever. Whatever you’re going for and whatever the rest of your house looks like, aim for success and be taken seriously with a lift to your Zoom space.
I come in and measure and photograph the space, listen to your goals and make a vision board together.
I do the work for you and Zoom Room complete and watch your work life take off!

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